The founder of Ekwato

Vincent Pelé

CEO & founder

His career

For nearly 20 years, he has developed a dual skill: 1. The acquisition of advanced knowledge in the field of certification standards (field application validated by certification audits) and a diversified field experience in France and abroad (mainly the Congo Basin and Brazil) ; 2. Technical consultant and auditor functions for two international certification bodies working closely with legality standards, forest management and chain of custody (FSC © and PEFC ™) standards. Vincent Pelé currently brings his expertise in France and abroad as:

  • Independent consultant : expert certification, forest-wood traceability and regulations for companies in the timber industry;
  • Auditor for several standards certification bodies : FSC © and PEFC ™ (Forest Management and Chain-of-Custody) and the EUTR regulation.


  • FSC© / PEFC™ Auditor in Forest Management (FM / CoC) and Chain-of-Custody (CoC)
  • EUTR auditor;
  • LegalSource Auditor;
  • ISO-9001: 2015.

Vincent Pelé is a member of:

  • The Chamber of Professional Council (Occitanie);
  • The Society of Wood Experts (Société des Experts Bois).

His values

Vincent Pelé is driven by the belief that man must be an actor in the preservation of the forest.

His challenge

Reconcile forest, economy, biodiversity and society.

His mission

Participate in forest preservation of by acting on the entire chain of wood products: forest, supply chain, consumer.

His goal

Respond adequately to the expectations of companies in the timber industry and distributors of wood products in their sustainable development projects. With Ekwato, he offers a unique and powerful solution, a technological innovation serving businesses, and provides a high added value service.