Ekwato Solutions facilitates risk management of timber supply chains in your procurements

How to respond effectively to your due diligence requirements (DDS) ?

You might currently be facing the following issues:

Spending time applying and updating your risk analysis. In addition to the loss of time, what are the financial consequences in the event of a blockage in the supply of your goods?

You ʺmanuallyʺ take care of your risk management with classic office tools that are not suited to the task. Are you up to date and on time on collecting documents from your suppliers? Have you estimated the resources mobilised by your current method?

It is difficult for you to keep your due diligence system up to date. Do you know which products have a high level of risk today ? Is your system user friendly for your employees and stakeholders?

An out-of-date risk analysis can have regulatory implications (infringements). How do you deal with late collection of expired documents or lack of mitigation for high-risk products?

Ekwato digital solution allows you to manage the risks of your timber supply chain

Ekwato Solutions is a system designed to manage and monitor risk across the entire timber products supply chains. It makes it easier for companies to comply with regulatory requirements such as the EUTR (or UKTR) risk analysis solution.

Ekwato Solutions is a complete Due Diligence System (DDS) management tool: collecting documents from companies in the supply chain, analysing risks, risk mitigation (audits, action plans), monitoring the overall process including warning system.

Ekwato is aimed at all companies to manage and to deal with risk in their wood products

Evaluating and managing the risk of your wood product supplies may be necessary for your company, by conviction (purchasing policy, CSR), or by requirement (EUTR/UKTR regulation or other).

Ekwato Solutions is a modular tool that adapts to any type of business according to their needs throughout the wood product supply chain to facilitate the application of requirements related to risk analysis : forestry manager, processed wood industry, exporter, importer and distributor of wood products.

What are the benefits for your business of using Ekwato Solutions to respond to the EUTR ?

The features of Ekwato Solutions make it possible to reduce recurring and administrative actions for users as much as possible, and therefore to be more effective and efficient for the company.
Having a continuously up-to-date Due Diligence System (DDS) also helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in the event of controls from the competent authority or if rapid changes occur in a supply chain (resilience).

It is also essential to be informed about an abnormal situation or a trend as it allows you to react quickly to deal with the risks targeted on a product, supplier or country of origin.
Finally, with in a large volume of information to deal with (many suppliers, many products and components, many supply chains), it is essential to focus on the most pressing matters: Ekwato Solutions helps the user make the right decisions.

An IT system that allows you to create your own decision tree

An innovative digital solution allowing a great fit to various type of users and their needs

Ekwato Solutions has been designed specifically to adapt to the needs of companies by allowing them to choose the modules of their choice to suit their own situation.
Ekwato Solutions offers the user to create their own risk analysis model (decision tree) with available or personalised criteria.
It is a digital platform (SAAS) which can be accessed by each authorised party throughout the supply chain.

The internal and external security of your data to respond to the EUTR

Data security is a top priority for Ekwato ; the design of the internal structure of the database allows strict partitioning by client and company.
Thus, the company creates its own DDS to suit its specific needs while enjoying the benefits of a dedicated IT department.

The 6 benefits of using Ekwato Solutions

With functionalities adapted to your needs

To be present everywhere with you

To support your activity in real time

To support the development of your structure

To involve all the actors in your sector

To support the management of your daily activity